New Student FAQ

Can I come and see the classrooms?
Join us on one of our registration open houses or call to set up an appointment.

What are the days and times of classes?

How many kids are in a class?
Classes for the 3-4 year olds with have a maximum of 16 students with 2 teachers.
Classes for the 4-5 year olds will have a maximum of 20 students with 2 teachers.

What does the registration fee cover?
The registration fee covers the costs of all materials and most of the daily snacks for the school year. It also provides each child a t-shirt with our school logo, to be worn on field trips and special activities.

What is the duration of the school year?
School begins in September after Labor Day and runs through the middle of May. We follow the Weber School District calendar.

What is the curriculum?
We will learn music, rhyming, sign language, colors, shapes, math, matching, opposites, phonics and sounds, science, games, cooking, art and much more all connected to the letter of the week. We have 3 years of curriculum; one focusing on nursery rhymes, one focusing on animals, and one focusing on "Oh! The Places You'll Go!" each introducing a letter of the alphabet.

What is a typical day like?
Each school day is different, but we follow a semi-structured plan. Children have lots of opportunities for guided learning as well as exploration. Below is an example of our daily schedule.
  • Free Play (Please don’t be late and miss any fun!)
  • Music (Singing, instruments, dancing, exercise and counting)
  • Circle Time/Theme (Pledge of Allegiance, Little Lamb’s Show-n-Tell & Journal, Birthdays, Letter and Nursery Rhyme/Animal of the Week, Calendar and Weather)
  • Seat Work/Art (Binder pages, writing, creative paint and art)
  • Recess/Games (Outside whenever possible)
  • Snack/Cooking (Snacks provided by Miss Mary Mon-Thurs, parents provide snacks for Friday)
  • Literature (Story recall, sequencing)
  • Skill Development Activity (Science/Math/Social, Colors, Shapes, Number Recognition, Computers)
  • Clean up/closing Activity
  • Will my children participate in field trips?
    We will have four off-site field trips. Two of the field trips will be walking field trips. Two will be off-site. Parents are responsible for transportation and any cost associated with the off-site field trips.

    Who will be my child’s teacher?
    VIEW STAFF Please note changes may occur before the fall.